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Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for December to Help with Strategic Planning


If you hadn’t noticed from the abundance of Christmas decorations going up in every department store and shopping mall, Christmas is now just weeks away. And while you’re planning your family get together and finalizing your shopping strategy, many are also no doubt looking to squeeze all they can out of their final marketing push for 2017.

To help with this, Twitter’s published its latest monthly major event calendar, highlighting all the key dates and topics that are likely to generate significant tweet attention in December, in order to help marketers prepare their strategies.

Twitter’s monthly event calendars – a new initiative in 2017 – have become a great reference point for content planning, providing an overview of the key happenings and seasonal events that are likely to generate the most buzz on the platform, including tweet engagement data based on previous events.

So what’s likely to get the most attention in the final stretch of 2017?

Obviously, Christmas and New Year are the dominant points of note, but the release of the new Star Wars film will also generate a heap of hype, and discussion. Twitter also highlights the Orange Bowl, which inspired more than 700 million tweets in 2016, while Hannukah and Kwanza also hold significant appeal.

There’s a range of opportunities for brand tie-ins and content – no doubt most businesses already have a strategic plan in place, but for those that are looking for something more, a little extra push for close out the year, there may be some extra inspiration in these key dates.

You can download Twitter’s December events calendar here.

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