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Chloe Kim’s beaming dad is one of the breakout stars of the Olympics


“Leaving your life behind and chasing your dream because your kid is passionate about this sport,” she added. “I think today I did it for my family, and I am so grateful to them.”

 Chloe Kim, back turned, celebrates her gold with her family. Mike Blake / Reuters

Jong Jin prodded Chloe to jump on a snowboard when she was 4. And nearly a decade ago, he quit his job as an engineer to help his precocious daughter reach snowcapped glory.

He and his wife, Boran, frequently drove Chloe from their home in Torrance, California, to Mammoth Mountain, where she trains — a six-hour car ride.

But he has reportedly waved off his sacrifices as “normal for all parents.”

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Chloe’s extended Korean family was on hand for her big moment — her parents, two sisters, sister’s fiance, three aunts, two cousins, and her 75-year-old grandmother, Moon Jung Ae.

They all cheered when she landed back-to-back 1080-degree spins on her second and third jumps, a combination no other woman has done in competition.

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