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7 Ways To Create A Killer Marketing Video [Infographic]


Given the prevalence and popularity of online video content, it’s no doubt something you’ve thought about, if not tried already, in your marketing process. And you should – data shows that video content is generating the most engagement across virtually all social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

But knowing that you should be creating video and actually doing it are two very different things – it’s not always that easy to just grab a phone, start filming, and create great, effective video content.

That’s where this infographic might help – this chart from the team at MicroCreatives outlines some of the key considerations you should take into account when creating video content, with some especially relevant notes on the planning stage and how the purpose of what you’re looking to do can help define your approach.

Worth considering in your 2018 planning.

7 Ways To Create A Killer Marketing Video [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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